June Quilt Meeting

The Quilt “N Things Quilt Guild met on June 6, 2017.

Kay R read a story entitled “The Quilt Jacket”.


Show N Tell

  • Kay – three sizes of catchall boxes from kit called box it up A patriotic wall hanging and a rag baby quilt .
  • Agnes- Along star quilt , Stack and Whack quilt received Honorable Mention and was purchased by the State of West Virginia.
  • Mollie – Dresden Plate Row Quilt
  • Daleanna- Two bay blankets
  • Marie- Crosses and Losses Quilt
  • Sakina – California King size quilt and swatches of fabric
  • Liz- Fabric bowl made from her ugly fabric

A workshop was held learning how to make a Bonnet Girl, hand applique piece.

Below are some of the Bonnet Girl that were completed.












































Quilts N Things met at the courthouse annex on October 3, 2017

We had a class today on making this beautiful cloth Prairie Point Ornament with fabric.


Show and Tell

  • Catherine- Down on the Farm quilt top and Thanksgiving block
  • Karen- Sewing Kit and block
  • Mollie- Sewing kit and block
  • Garnet- Table runner
  • Frankie- Two blocks and a sewing  kit
  • Karen- Heart quilt blocks
  • Lucy-Block of the month
  • Marie- Block of the month and Prairie Star


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Quilts N” Things met in September at the courthouse annex.

Our President Kay R read a story about “Block of the Month”

Our special project was taught by Jane and Deleanna they showed how to make a wool sewing kit. A pattern was passed out to members and wool to complete the project.



The Guild has been working on Quilts of Valor here are just a few of them.

They will be given out to Veteran’s on Veterans Day of this year.



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Quilts “N things Quilt  Guild met on May 2, 2017. Kay Rutherford red a story entitled ” A Generous Friend”


Show N Tell

  • Agnes – Tote bag and donation qult
  • Connie – Wall hanging
  • Mercedes – Quilt and tote bag
  • Karen – Tote bag, pouch
  • Marie – Tote bag
  • Connie – Donation quilt and tote
  • Deleanna – Tote, blankets and quilts
  • Sakina – Donation quilt
  • Kay- Pillow wrap

Show N Tell   Ugly Fabric Challenge

  • Marie – Table top runner
  • Karen – Broken Dish Wall hanging
  • Mercedes – Reversible mat
  • Connie – Donation quilt
  • Agnes- Wall hanging
  • Kay – Small bag
  • Mollie- Wall quilt
  • Lucy – Quilt block
  • Jane – Pot holders





Dealana showed us the block for our new star project . It is paper piecing below is an example.


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The Quilts ‘N Things Quilt Guild met at the courthouse Annex in April

Kay R our president read a story entitled “It All Started With A Pig”

It was about a quilter who suffered with asthma as a child and leaned to quilt while other children were playing and how that led to a lifetime of quilting.


Rhonda M handed out patterns and gave instructions on how to make

The Shifting Star Block and bring back the following month.

Deleanna L showed how to make a large quilt tote bag. Using a Jelly roll to complete the tote.

Garnet Show A Pin cushion she made out of a kit. The bottom of the pin cushion uses drawer pulls to put on the bottom.


Show and Tell

  • Garnet- Pin Cushion
  • Agnes- Donation quilt
  • Mercedes- Donation quilt
  • Connie- Cushion made from Ugly fabric
  • Deleanna- Three flannel blankets for Ronald McDonald House
  • Jane- Table square made with bird fabric
  • Frankie- Quilt as you go block that the night quild is working on
  • Sakina- Two table toppers

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Our quilt guild was called to order at the courthouse annex by President,

Kay Rutherford.

Kay read a story called “Grandmother’s Stars”.


Members were asked to bring a orphan block and exchange it for the next several months. Then the member who receives it are to add to the block. Then bring it back at the next meeting.

Show and Tell

  • Connie : Block of the Month
  • Merecedes : Block of the month
  • Karen: Block of the month and baby quilt
  • Marie :Block of the month
  • Rhonda :Block of the month
  • Daleanna :Block of the month and two bay blankets
  • Frankie  :Two applique blocks 1 patch work of the crosses and paper piece
  • Mollie :Stencil Star Block
  • Agnes :January and February Star Blocks
  • Kay :Star blocks, two baby y quilts and three pieced applique stars blocks
  • Liz :Block of the month and two Snowy Day Blocks

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The Quilts ‘N Things Quilt Guild met at the Courthouse Annex in February . Kay R our new president for 2017 gave a reading about the Rosemore Family who had a booth each year at the Minnesota State Fair and told about all the wonderful tings this family contributed to there community.

Show and Tell

  • Mercedes- Table topper and donation quilt
  • Karen-WV History Block
  • Marie- Wool doily from 2016 lesson
  • Mollie- Have a Little Faith quilt
  • Garnet- Wool doily from 2016 lesson

Members were asked to make a four patch star for the March meeting . Rhonda gave our patterns for the block. It is called the Stencil Star Block.

Below is the example.



Members were asked to bring a ugly piece of fabric and put in a bag then numbers were drawn and each member was asked to make something out of the ugly fabric and bring it back in three months.



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We were asked if we want to participate in making this block. Then we will bring it back each month to show we completed it.



The below items are as follows, the first one is an item made of wool with embroider flowers and then

sewed together. It can be used as a trivet or wall hanging.

The ornaments are made out of Styrofoam ball  and beads  and decorative pins.

img_4060 img_4055 img_4057 img_4056

Merry Christmas

best-merry-christmas-imagesWishing all members of the Quilt Quild a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

img_4063 img_4064

A wonderful trip was made to Ronald McDonald house in Charleston, WV to deliver quilts made by members. We also toured the new home.


Quilt ‘N Things met for the November meeting at the courthouse annex.

Many things were accomplished at the meeting. Working on wool projects and Quilts of Valor.


Show N Tell

  • Marie- Quilt she won
  • Kay- 4 donation quilts and a Christmas pillow
  • Daleanna- 4 donation quilts
  • Jane- 2 wool purses
  • Mollie- Pumpkin pillow and wool pumpkin
  • Betty-Donation quilt d Christmas Santa fabric
  • Irene- Donation quilt and alphabet block
  • Edda- Donation quilt and bear and balloon fabric
  • Jamie- Donation quilt and WV History block
  • Connie H- Donation quilt, crazy quilt block and EPP block
  • Connie C- Donation quilt
  • Mercedes- 1 donation strip quilt , wall hanging


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