Quilts ‘N  Things met at the courthouse annex for the fall meeting.

Mercedes gave a talk on “Take Time for Yourself”

Today we were taught how to work with wool.
Show N Tell 
  • Carolyn L. Double Irish Chain  Challenge 2016
  • Jane C.  Baby Quilt
  • Liz R. Applique Quilt
  • Garnet S. Quilters Caddy
  • Marie D. Receiving Blanket
  • Kay R. Pillow Case 



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September Quilt Meeting

Quilt ‘N Things met Tuesday, September 6th at the courthouse annex.
The meeting was called to order by the President Mercedes. She told about the
earthquake in Italy. It affected a member in her family.
Agnes taught us how to make Quilt Labels for our Quilts with written instructions.
WV Quilt Blocks made by the Quilt Quild members
Show and Tell
Irene- Challenge Quilt ” House around the Corner
WV History Block “Singer Sewing Machine “
Betty- Challenge Quilt “Sunrise Star”
WV History Block “Maple Leaf”
Connie- Challenge Quilt “Kissing Nine Patch”
WV History Block “State Flower and Bird”
Mercedes- Challenge Quilt “Trip Around he World”
WV History Block “Black Bear”
Connie H- WV History Block “Chief Cornstalk”
Agnes- Challenge Quilt “Stack N Weave”
WV History Block “Coal Miner”
Mollie- WV History Block “Country Roads”
Daleanna- WV History Block “4 Maple leafs”
Carolyn – Unfinished wall hanging
Garnet- Challenge Quilt and WV History Block
Kay-Challenge Quilt “Rag Quilt”
WV History Block ” Tu-Endi=Wei
Rhonda- WV History Block “Chief Cornstalks Monument:”
Challenge Quilt Block
Marie- WV History Block “Message in Needlework”
Challenge Quilt Block
Lucy- WV History Block “State Flower, Bird and Maple Leaf”
Frankie- WV History Block  “Rhododendron Embroider Block” and
“State with the writing West Virginia on it”
Edda- Challenge Quilt “Ginger Bread Boy with a Ginger bread house”

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Quits N Things met for the month of August . Mercedes gave a reading “Feed Sack Underwear”

Irene taught a lesson on how to create a Log Cabin Carpenter Star Quit block.

Then we played Bingo and many prizes were given out.



Show N Tell


  • Connie H English paper pieced Bloc and WV History Block
  • Marie D Pillow Case
  • Mollie Y  Row Quilt
  • Lucy C  Mystry Quilt
  • Jamie K  Nine Patch Quilt


Many of our members won items from  the Shop Hop.

Marie won a Baby Lock Sewing Machine

Mollie Y $50 basket

Agnes F won 100 Fat Quarters


Quilt ‘N Things met Tuesday July 5, 2016 at the courthouse annex.  President Mercedes Sayre.  Leading the members to recite The Salute to our Flag.  We dismissed and attended the Bob Evans quilt show.

Several members received awards from our club.

Daleanna L: Honorable Mention in the Wall Hanging Category and second place in the baby quilts and honorable mention in bed quilts.

Agnes F: Received Third place for baby quilt

Kay R: Received Second place for Applique quilts.


Show N Tell:

Connie H.  English Paper Piecing Block

Mollie Y. Row by Row Quilt

Agnes F. Stripe Quilt top

Connie C. Two aprons


Connie showed us her paper piecing block



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Quilt ‘N’ Things met at the courthouse annex. Mercedes gave a reading called “Quilting Fever”

This month our program was presented by Connie H. “How to make a portrait of your Animal”

Connie showed in steps on how to create this easy project. I have selected some of her demonstrations below.


IMG_2626 IMG_2623 IMG_2627 IMG_2628 IMG_2629 IMG_2630IMG_2624

Show and Tell

  • Kay Tote and Key Fob
  • Rhonda Stripe Blocks
  • Garnet Fold and Stitch wreath and  Prarie Point
  • Liz  Two Quilts made of her grandkids receiving blankets
  • Connie Crazy Quilt Block
  • Becky Memory Bear , Memory T-Shirt Quilt of Valor
  • Catherine  Cloth basket

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Quilt ‘N’ Things meeting began by a reading “Children in Church” by Mercedes Sayre .

A $25.00 donation to Betty Farmer Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Quilt Books were donated by Peggy H


Show N Tell

  • Mercedes  Cross Stitch quilt
  • Connie 2 donation quilts
  • Mollie Baby quilt and table runner
  • Kay 2 donation quilts
  • Liz Baby Quilt
  • Jane Table runner
  • Sakina Quilt and table runner


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Quilts ‘N Things met Tuesday, April 5th,2016 at the courthouse annex. The meeting was called to order to order by President Mercedes Sayre.  Mercedes gave a reading “Murphy’s Laws for quilters.”

Quilt Show, (to be shown) for the quilt top. These squares are due to be turned in at the Sept meeting.  Kay made a motion  and it was seconded by Rhonda for the WV Blocks to be used. Catherine has offered to supply the batting and Rhonda has offered to quilt the quilt. Mercedes reminded us again Ronald McDonald quilts are due at the May meeting.

 Show and Tell:

Mercedes  —————————————Bear Quilt, Flower Basket Wall Hanging ,Donation Quilt  from left over bingo squares.

Betty ——————————————Log Cabin Carpenter Star Quilt

Irene ———————————————-Log Cabin Carpenter Star Quilt and Donation Quilt

Marie —————————————Tennessee Quilt Top and Pillowcase

Kay ————————————–Jewel Box Quilt

Daleanna ——————————— Two Donation Quilts

Agnes —————————————–Donation Quilt and Tablerunner

Jane ——————————————-Table Runner

Edda —————————————–Log Cabin Carpenter Star

Sakine ————————————-Chevron Bag

Connie ————————————Log Cabin Carpenter Star Quilt  and Pillowcases